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? Electron based open source toolbox, free integration of rich plug-ins. 基于 electron 的开源工具箱,自由集成丰富插件。

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Based on electron open source toolbox, free integration of rich plug-ins, to create the ultimate desktop efficiency tool。Rubick is one of the heroes of Dota ,The core skill is the ability to use other heroes as plug-ins,Finished the walk 。Very consistent with the design concept of this tool,So named Rubick。

Installation package

Feature list

  • Plug-in management based on npm package mode, installing plugins is as easy as installing npm packages.
  • Support system plug-ins, as long as rubick is running, plug-ins can be used at any time.
  • Support global shortcut key settings
  • Support clipboard file search
  • Support searching for locally installed apps or preferences
  • Support MacOS
  • Support Windows
  • Support Linux


Rubick Docs

Core function

1. Search system application

Support pinyin and abbreviations to search system applications:

2. UI plug-in installation

Click the rubick icon on the right side of the search box to enter the plug-in market, select the desired plug-in, and click the download button to download. After the download is complete, you can find the installed plug-in under the Installed tab

After the installation is complete, enter the plug-in call up command to use the corresponding plug-in:

3. System plug-in installation

The system plug-in installation method is the same as that of the UI category. In the plug-in market, select the system category and find the system plug-in that suits you to install it.

After the system plug-in is installed successfully, rubick needs to be restarted to take effect

4. The input box focus automatically matches the plug-in according to the clipboard content

Search for Preferences in rubick, and then turn on the Auto Paste function to match the clipboard content and automatically match the plug-in for use.

More features

If you need more features, please come here to give us suggestions:issues 。 We will add valuable ideas to the later development. At the same time, welcome to join and build together。

开源不容易,如果该项目对你有用的话,可以打赏我们喝杯 coffee ☕️.


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].


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This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.

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