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Sass reimplemented in rust with nom.

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Sass reimplemented in rust with nom. The "r" in the name might stand for the Rust programming language, for "re-implemented", or possibly for my name Rasmus.

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Commandline and library

To make compiling faster when rsass is used as a library crate (which is probably the dominant use-case), I have made the commandline interface a separate crate. When building the monorepo, both the library and the cli are built by default. To install the cli, use:

cargo install rsass-cli

To use the rust library, add rsass to your dependencies.

cargo add rsass

Sass language and implementation status

The sass language is defined in its reference doc. This implementation is incomplete but getting there, if slowly.

Progress: 4725 of 7033 tests passed

If you need complete sass support, you'll need dart sass. Another alternative is grass which is another incomplete pure rust implementation. That said, this implementation has reached a version where I find it usable for my personal projects, and the number of working tests are improving.


Welcome! The first step in any contribution is probably to either try to use the crate or to read some of the documentation. When you do, you might find something broken, not yet implemented, or just plain incomprehensible. If so, please see if there is an issue matching the problem or file a new one.

If you contribute code through a pull request, github will automatically check that the code compiles and passes its tests with all required versions of rust, and that the code is properly formatted according to rustfmt. Hopefully, I will then review the code, and either ask you for changes or merge it. This is a hobby project, so please excuse if the review is delayed.

I, the rsass maintainer, will do my best to follow both the Sass Community Guidelines and the Rust Code of Conduct, and I ask you to do the same.

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