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A fast ImageView that supports rounded corners, ovals, and circles.

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[ARCHIVED] RoundedImageView is no longer actively maintained as there are better alternatives available

RoundedImageView was originally made with a primary goal of memory and rendering performance, and specifically only worked well on Bitmaps. It had some very poorly performing hacks built in for non-bitmaps, along with a lot of hard to maintain synchronization of ScaleTypes and sizing between the ImageView and the Drawable itself.

RoundedImageView has also never supported image loaders like Picasso and Glide well, especially when they leverage TransitionDrawables for fade effects. These use cases are always best served by using the respective library's own Transformation APIs for image manipulation inside the async pipelines where the performance impact is less apparent.

As the ImageView and Drawable APIs evolved to support even more features like tinting, and Android's hardware acceleration support improved, the need for a library like RoundedImageView has dwindled while the maintenance cost remained. Finally with the inclusion of RoundedBitmapDrawable in androidx which has a much simpler (and better IMO) API, I have recommended that as the best solution for everyone considering RoundedImageView.

1. For rounding bitmaps bundled in your APK (not loaded from internet or disk) use RoundedBitmapDrawable

RoundedBitmapDrawable avoids the many pitfalls of RoundedImageView by:

  1. Working only on Bitmaps and BitmapDrawables which is what RoundedImageView was primrarily built for.
  2. Decoupling the Drawable from the ImageView, which could have different size and ScaleType constraints and was always complicated to synchronize in RoundedImageView.
  3. Decoupling the Drawable from other Drawable wrappers like TransitionDrawable and other LayerDrawable and DrawableContainer types. This was always hard to manage in RoundedImageView because it was hard to guess the intent of the author whether

2. For loading from network or disk, use the library's transformation API, for example wasabeef/glide-transformations can round images loaded by Glide, and wasabeef/picasso-transformations can round images loaded by Picasso.

3. For vector drawables and other non-Bitmap drawables, modify the vector or drawable to include rounding for best performance.

RoundedImageView would try its best to rasterize these to a Bitmap and round them, at a rather high cost to memory (creating an extra bitmap) and fidelity (scaling rasterized bitmaps leads to artifacts). While rasterizing these drawables technically works, the resulting performance and quality impact is in direct contrast with the original goals of RoundedImageView around memory efficiency and image quality and probably should have been left unsupported completely.


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A fast ImageView (and Drawable) that supports rounded corners (and ovals or circles) based on the original example from Romain Guy. It supports many additional features including ovals, rounded rectangles, ScaleTypes and TileModes.

RoundedImageView screenshot RoundedImageView screenshot with ovals

There are many ways to create rounded corners in android, but this is the fastest and best one that I know of because it:

  • does not create a copy of the original bitmap
  • does not use a clipPath which is not hardware accelerated and not anti-aliased.
  • does not use setXfermode to clip the bitmap and draw twice to the canvas.

If you know of a better method, let me know (or even better open a pull request)!

Also has proper support for:

  • Borders (with Colors and ColorStateLists)
  • Ovals and Circles
  • All ScaleTypes
    • Borders are drawn at view edge, not bitmap edge
    • Except on edges where the bitmap is smaller than the view
    • Borders are not scaled up/down with the image (correct width and radius are maintained)
  • Anti-aliasing
  • Transparent backgrounds
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Support for LayerDrawables (including TransitionDrawables)
  • TileModes for repeating drawables

Known Issues

  • VectorDrawables are not supported. This library is designed for BitmapDrawables only. Other drawables will likely fail or cause high memory usage.
  • ColorDrawables are poorly supported, use your own rounded VectorDrawables instead if you want less memory pressure.
  • Glide transforms are not supported, please use wasabeef/glide-transformations if you want to round images loaded from Glide.


RoundedImageView is available in Maven Central.

Add the following to your build.gradle to use:

repositories {

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.makeramen:roundedimageview:2.3.0'


Define in xml:

        app:riv_oval="true" />

Or in code:

RoundedImageView riv = new RoundedImageView(context);
riv.setCornerRadius((float) 10);
riv.setBorderWidth((float) 2);


To make a Transformation for Picasso:

Transformation transformation = new RoundedTransformationBuilder()



see Releases


Copyright 2017 Vincent Mi

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You may obtain a copy of the License at

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