Robust multiplayer game engine, used by Space Station 14

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Robust Toolbox

Robust Toolbox is an engine primarily being developed for Space Station 14, although we're working on making it usable for both singleplayer and multiplayer projects.

Use the content repo for actual development, even if you're modifying the engine itself.

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The HackMD Wiki has documentation on SS14s content, engine, game design and more. We also have lots of resources for new contributors to the project.


We are happy to accept contributions from anybody. Get in Discord or IRC if you want to help. We've got a list of issues that need to be done and anybody can pick them up. Don't be afraid to ask for help either!


This repository is the engine part of SS14. It's the base engine all SS14 servers will be built on. As such, it does not start on its own: it needs the content repo. Think of Robust Toolbox as BYOND in the context of Spacestation 13.

See for licenses and copyright.

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