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A project repo for robotics research and applications using drake and director.

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Build status on master branch:

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Build status on master branch, using Drake_ and Director_ master branches:

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Documentation on how to operate the Kuka robot hardware can be found here_.

Disclaimer (not supported for public use)

This is a project repository for robotics research and applications using Drake_ and Director_. This repository is meant as an internal tool for the Robot Locomotion Group. It contains private submodules and is not supported for external use.

.. _Drake: .. _Director: .. _can be found here:

Docker Build instructions

The only supported way to build Spartan is with Docker. See build with Docker instructions here_.

.. _build with Docker instructions here: ./setup/docker/

.. Native Build instructions .. ==================

.. First, you should install the required dependencies to compile Drake and other .. submodules. Follow the platform setup instructions for Bazel in the Drake documentation::


.. You will also need the appropriate dependencies for Director. Refer to the .. Director README::


.. We only support Ubuntu 16.04, you may install a non-conservative set of dependencies for .. Director by running the following script::

.. sudo ./setup/ubuntu/16.04/

.. Make sure your submodules are up to date. From the top-level directory run::

.. git submodule init .. git submodule update

.. You should avoid adding the --recursive flag to the git submodule command, .. since Drake will automatically manage its recursive submodules at build time.

.. Next, create a new build directory and configure with cmake. For example::

.. mkdir build .. cd build .. cmake ../

.. There is no requirement on the location of the build directory, you don't .. have to place it inside the source directory as shown in the above example.

.. Finally, source the required configuration (which sets some properties necessary .. for the build to work) and run the build::

.. . build/ .. make

.. By default, cmake generates a Makefile, but it's possible to use other .. build tools like ninja. We (including in the docker container) typically .. alias use_spartan to . <spartan>/build/ Once .. the build is complete, source the environment again (as new things may .. have been added, e.g. ROS environment configuration information)::

.. . build/

.. Building With Drivers .. ---------------------

.. Spartan has CMake options to include various proprietary drivers in the build. .. The following CMake options and their corresponding drivers are supported:

.. - WITH_IIWA_DRIVER: drake-iiwa-driver_ .. - WITH_SCHUNK_DRIVER: drake-schunk-driver .. - WITH_OPTITRACK_DRIVER: optitrack-driver_

.. .. _drake-iiwa-driver: .. .. _optitrack-driver:

.. Unless you are a member of the RobotLocomotion team, you will likely not have .. the repository access required to download all the above libraries and should .. leave these options disabled.

.. There is a workaround for building drake-iiwa-driver using a local version .. of the kuka-fri proprietary driver. By default, drake-iiwa-driver pulls .. in kuka-fri as a submodule from a private RobotLocomotion repo. To build .. against a different version, follow these steps:

.. 1. Clone drake-iiwa-driver to your local machine:

.. ::

.. git clone

.. 2. Delete the kuka-fri submodule.

.. ::

.. cd drake-iiwa-driver .. git rm kuka-fri

.. 3. Extract your copy of the kuka-fri drivers, and apply patches according to the .. instructions in drake-iiwa-driver/README.md_.

.. 4. Commit the changes and note the commit hash.

.. 5. In the Spartan build directory, enable WITH_IIWA_DRIVER and reconfigure .. CMake. Two additional options will appear:

.. - IIWA_DRIVER_GIT_REPOSITORY: Set to the clone of address for your local .. drake-iiwa-driver.

.. - IIWA_DRIVER_GIT_TAG: The (short) commit hash from above.

.. An example config might be

.. ::

.. IIWA_DRIVER_GIT_REPOSITORY="file:///home/example/drake-iiwa-driver/" .. IIWA_DRIVER_GIT_TAG="a1b2c34"

.. 6. Reconfigure CMake once more, and build.

.. ::

.. cd spartan/build .. cmake .. .. make

.. .. _drake-iiwa-driver/

.. Common Build Errors .. -------------------

.. If you encounter an error such as::

.. Target "RemoteTreeViewer" links to target "Eigen3::Eigen" but the .. target was not found. Perhaps a find_package() call is missing for an .. IMPORTED target, or an ALIAS target is missing?

.. then reconfigure CMake with the flag -DWITH_ISSUE_5456_WORKAROUND=ON.

.. If you encounter an error related to not being able to find eigen3 as part of an apriltags build then the problem is that you don't have eigen3 system intalled. Either apt-get install libeigen3-dev or set DUSE_APRILTAGS:BOOL=OFF in the top level CMakeLists.txt.

.. Environment setup .. =================

.. After you configure the build you will find a file named .. inside the build folder. You can source this file in your ~/.bashrc file to .. setup your environment for development. However, it is highly recommended that .. you do not automatically source the file, as it may conflict with other projects. .. Instead, you can add code like this to your ~/.bashrc file::

.. use_spartan() .. { .. source /path/to/spartan/build/ .. }

.. With this method, the environment file will be sourced when you execute the .. command use_spartan in a terminal, but by default new terminals will be clean.

.. You should read the contents of to see what it does. .. In addition to modifying your PATH and other variables, it also defines some .. useful aliases for developers.

LCM Multicast Setup

Director relies on LCM for message passing. Since LCM uses UDP multicast a valid multicast route must always be defined. Follow the instructions here <>_ under the section "Using LCM on a Single Host." Basically you just need to run::

sudo ifconfig lo multicast
sudo route add -net netmask dev lo

After restarting your computer these settings can be lost depending on your network configuration.

Drake and Director submodules

This project intends to track the master branches of these submodules, but the submodules are updated manually and only on demand, so they may not be completely up to date all the time.

It is ok to set the submodule reference to a personal branch hosted on a personal fork, as long as the changes in the branch are on track to be merged upstream in the near term, and as long as you are willing to rebase your branch onto upstream master on a frequent basis.


You can add executable scripts to the scripts/bin folder. These scripts will appear in your PATH via the sourced environment file.


  • If you get an error related to an LCM Self Test (e.g. in a director test), then it is likely your network is not allowing LCM packets to return via loopback. See
  • If you get an error related to being unable to find a shared library after calling make, you may not have called . build/ (or, equivalently, use_spartan). These commands work only after calling cmake, so run the CMake configuration -- then source the environment setup file -- then run make.

Code Style

Other useful documentation

  • Testing <doc/>_
  • CI with Jenkins <doc/>_
  • Camera Calibration <modules/spartan/calibration/>_
  • Razer Hydra teleop guide <doc/>_
  • Schunk driving and usage guide <doc/>_
  • Fusion server notes <doc/>_
  • Vive teleop guide <doc/>_
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