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RHClient - A Cross Platform Robinhood Trading Client


5 years ago
  • Fixed calculation of after hours change on stock view (also show both percent and dollar amount)
  • Fixed ChartJS bugs causing logs to have lots of useless information (only matters for developers)
  • Swapped the positions page to the dashboard, and the watchlists to their own respective page


5 years ago
  • Improve graph title heading text
  • Show additional data when viewing stocks
  • Allow watch/unwatch from both dashboard & stock view page
  • Misc fixes


5 years ago
  • Rename application to RHClient (Probably best to not be called robinhood-electron, but we'll leave the git repo as is)
  • 2-step authentication support added
  • Move to AirBNB Eslint / Run ESLint against the entire codebase. Sorry to people who are working on a forked repo! :P


5 years ago
  • Add more options for date windows for stock/dashboard
  • Show gains on stock view & portfolio view for the selected date range (With after hours displayed for same-day window)
  • Show cash available when withdrawing
  • Fix pre-populated order amount values
  • Misc bugfixes


5 years ago
  • Fixed potential leaks and unnecessary requests being made on dashboard
  • Added dashboard as a link (so you dont have to click the header)
  • Automatically adjust price when making purchases based on qty (so you dont need to do manual math)
  • Display how many shares you can afford when buying
  • Performance improvements


5 years ago
  • Fix non present P/E ratio display, and N/A dividend yield
  • Gracefully fail when no internet connection present (like when laptop comes back from sleep)
  • Fix market close date on weekends


5 years ago
  • Fundamentals are displayed on the main page
  • Auto log you in when credentials are safed
  • Fixed bug with after hours trade orders not working
  • Show more information about stock quotes on the stock view page
  • Added app icon
  • Fix accuracy of your spending power
  • Show spending power in footer
  • Fixed bug with order qty not displaying properly sometimes on order status page


5 years ago
  • Fix window buttons for minimize/maximize/etc on windows


5 years ago
  • Add update notifications when a new build appears. Features are identical to 0.5


5 years ago
  • Ui updates
  • Ability to view watchlists / notifications (Adding to / Creating new) is in the works
  • The top menu doesn't scroll with the rest of the content