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A ClojureBridge event registration system - see readme for blog posts

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An event registration system for ClojureBridge. Read the blog post.

Dev diary:


Install the Clojure CLI, clone this repo.

Try it out

To build the Cljs and run the web server:

make compile serve

Visit http://localhost:8080, and sign in with [email protected] / secret.

Interactive development with the REPL and Figwheel

I use Emacs, CIDER, and clj-refactor, so I assume that you have cider-refresh available to you.

make figwheel

Once it's running, connect CIDER to port 7890, and issue a cider-refresh (C-c C-x) to start the system.

Run tests

make test

Package for production

make pack

And then run the jar:

java -jar bridge.jar -m bridge.service


By default, we use an in-memory database.

If you want your database to be durable, you'll need to run a Datomic Free transactor, and set an environment variable:

export BRIDGE_DATOMIC_URI="datomic:free://localhost:4334/bridge"



Copyright © Robert Stuttaford

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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