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RISC-V processor emulator written in Rust+WASM

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riscv-rust is a RISC-V processor and peripheral devices emulator project written in Rust and compiled to WebAssembly. You can import RISC-V emulator into your Rust or JavaScript project. Refer to the Slides for more detail.

Online Demo

You can run Linux or xv6 on the emulator in your browser. Online demo is here


animation debugger



  • Emulate RISC-V processor and peripheral devices
  • Stable as Linux and xv6-riscv run on it
  • Linux OpenSBI and legacy BBL boot support
  • Runnable locally
  • Also runnable in browser with WebAssembly
  • Debugger
  • You can import RISC-V emulator into your Rust or JavaScript project

Instructions/Features support status

  • RV32/64I
  • RV32/64M
  • RV32/64F (almost)
  • RV32/64D (almost)
  • RV32/64Q
  • RV32/64A (almost)
  • RV64C/32C (almost)
  • RV32/64Zifencei (almost)
  • RV32/64Zicsr (almost)
  • CSR (almost)
  • SV32/39
  • SV48
  • Privileged instructions (almost)
  • PMP


The emulator supports almost all instructions listed above but some instructions which are not used in Linux or xv6 are not implemented yet. Your contribution is very welcome.

How to import into your Rust project

The emulator module is released at crates.io. Add the following line into Cargo.toml of your Rust project.

riscv_emu_rust = "0.2.0"

Refer to Document for the API.

How to build core library locally

$ git clone https://github.com/takahirox/riscv-rust.git
$ cd riscv-rust
$ cargo build --release

How to run Linux or xv6 as desktop application

$ cd riscv-rust/cli
# Run Linux
$ cargo run --release ../resources/linux/opensbi/fw_payload.elf -f ../resources/linux/rootfs.img
# Run xv6
$ cargo run --release ../resources/xv6/kernel -f ../resources/xv6/fs.img

How to run riscv-tests


$ cd riscv-rust/cli
$ cargo run $path_to_riscv_tets/isa/rv32ui-p-add -n

How to import and use WebAssembly RISC-V emulator in a web browser

See wasm/web

How to install and use WebAssembly RISC-V emulator npm package

See wasm/npm

Linux RISC-V port

Running 64- and 32-bit RISC-V Linux on QEMU


xv6-riscv is the RISC-V port of xv6 which is UNIX V6 rewritten by MIT for x86 in the current C language.


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