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Official Vanguard Anti-Cheat source code.

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Official Vanguard Anti-Cheat source code.

Using the compiled binary

For ease, an unprotected compiled version of Vanguard is available.

  1. Download the 3 files provided.
  2. Run the "Install (Run As Admin)" batch file (as admin).
  3. Admire its greatness.
  4. Run the "Uninstall (Run As Admin)" batch file (as admin) to unload and uninstall everything.


The full source code to this marvelous driver is provided for your viewing pleasure. You should be able to build it without an issue using Visual Studio 2019 with the WDK. The exact instructions are left as an exercise to the reader.

P.S. Doesn't work? Make sure that you have vgk.sys installed and running. This is automatically setup for you if you're already a VALORANT player.

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