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A simple ECS game engine for Python, built on Pygame, with an emphasis on ease of use.

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A simple ECS game engine for Python, built on Pygame, with an emphasis on ease of use.


python3 setup.py install

Note: This library is currently in early development. Until it reaches version 1.0 it will change a lot, including the introduction of some breaking changes.

Until the library is more stable, it's advised to install using python3 setup.py develop in a virtual environment. This means that changes made to the library won't require a reinstall. Just git pull to get the latest version.

The following commands create an overall place (specified by folder-name) in which to work. A virtual environment is then created in the root of that folder, with separate sub-folders gamma for the game engine and game-folder-name for the game that you'll create. This ensures that everything is in the same virtual environment, but separating the engine from the game being developed. This will allow you to upload the game you make to a separate git repository.

pip3 install --user virtualenv
mkdir [folder-name]
cd [folder-name]

virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate

git clone https://github.com/rik-cross/gamma.git
cd gamma

python3 setup.py develop
cd ..

mkdir [game-folder-name]
cd [game-folder-name]

Getting started


Version Description
0.1 Initial engine version. Includes a basic ECS implementation, scenes (and transitions) and some UI elements. There are very basic versions of a number of systems.
0.2 Some improvements to the systems, mainly adding optional parameters to allow customisation.
0.3 More improvements to the systems, including the addition of a renderer for each scene. This takes the drawing away from the camera system, and allows for the addition of custom systems that can draw.
0.4 The addition of a 'collect the coins' example, showing how to create a very simple but complete game. This coincides with the creation of an initial video tutorial series. There are also other various edits and improvements.


Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.

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