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Simple soft body for Blender armatures


4 years ago

If there are no initialized flex bones in the armature, clicking "Bake" will initialize the selected bones, set the range to the current scene range and then bake.


4 years ago

If the armature has no initialized flex bones, clicking on the bake button will initialize the selected bones, and set the bake range to the scene frame range before baking.

Also a few changes due to blender 2.8 api changes.


4 years ago

2.79 version with the same updates as the v0.3.3 Blender 2.80 version


4 years ago


4 years ago
  • Fix issue with multiple rigs
  • Fix issue with symmetric rig
  • Fix issue with initialising bones after some have already been initialised
  • Add Freeze/Unfreeze options - see documentation


4 years ago

Stable version for Blender 2.8 (unless the API changes!) Includes a fix to handle the display scaling of bendy bones


4 years ago