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Repository for miscellaneous repository management and discussions:

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This repository is used for discussions (feature suggestions, questions and any general talk) and also contains information for GitHub labels.

If you're looking for documentation, it's here.
To get started with development, check out Revite (Client) or Delta (Backend).
Check the contributor guide and the bug tracker.

Repository list

Repository Description
Revite Revolt client built with Preact.
Backend Revolt backend monorepo, build with Rust.
Vortex Revolt voice server
Revolt.js Modern Typescript library for interacting with Revolt.
Autumn File server micro-service.
January Image proxy and embed generator.
Desktop Revolt Desktop App
API Specification Typescript typings and OpenAPI v3 generator for the Revolt API.
Translations Revolt translations.
Self Hosted Deploy Revolt using Docker.
Stack Quickly deploy the entire Revolt Stack.


Repository Description
Documentation API documentation.
Landing Revolt landing page.
Legal Legal documents such as Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


Repository Description
Revolt Testers Revolt Testers server.
Community Themes Repository that contains community themes.
Mutant Remix Revolt's custom emoji pack.
Tools Tools that help with development or managing running instances.

Issue Label Use

Name Description
priority-1 This issue is quite important.
priority-0 High priority task.
BLOCKED Highest priority issue, preventing critical work.
bug Something isn't working
documentation Improvements or additions to documentation
draft This issue needs more work
duplicate This issue or pull request already exists
enhancement New feature or request
fluff Minor app improvement / quality of life change
i18n Issues regarding translations/localisation support
good first issue Good for newcomers
help wanted Extra attention is needed
improvement Areas that can be improved on
invalid This doesn't seem right
needs design This issue needs a design to be implemented
performance Issues relating to app performance
privacy Change which improves user privacy
question Further information is requested
tech debt This issue or pull request is related to technical maintenance
support This issue would be better suited as a support ticket
wontfix This will not be worked on
use-preview Create GitHub pages preview for PR
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