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Reversing Workshop

In this workshop we will be solving the challenges from The Flare On Challenge 2016 by FireEye's Advanced Reverse Engineering team.


  1. Be able to understand simple x86 ASM instructions or be able to learn on the go.

Software Pre-requisites:

  1. Windows 7 64-bit with .NET framework 4.5 and Visual Studio installed (Preferred, not sure if others would have weird behaviors)
  2. Ubuntu 16.04 with gccgo5 installed (Preferred, you can also install other versions of ubuntu with gccgo5)
  3. Wireshark
  4. Python (2.7 preferred)
  5. IDA (You can download demo from
  6. Node.js


1 - challenge1.exe

2 - DudeLocker.exe

3 - unknown

4 - flareon2016challenge.dll

5 - smokestack.exe - Try it on your own.

6 - khaki.exe

7 - hashes

9 - GUI.exe

10 - flava.pcap


FireEye for the challenges provided from the Flare On Challenge 2016.
Jacob Soo for providing some of the tools.

Materials provided here should not be used for commercial purpose. I do not claim credit for the challenges used in this workshop and the copyright belongs to the individual authors/FireEye.

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