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Repository of RG-350 and PocketGo 2 compatible Software

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OpenDingux Application Repo

These are all ports with the best available binaries (.OPKs), at least from my (Seong's) personal testing. Sources (whenever applicable) and activity are listed wherever possible, to hopefully encourage further development of applications for the new generation of OpenDingux-based handhelds; primarily the Anbernic RG-350, but these are also known to work on the BittBoy Pocket Go 2 / Wolsen PlayGo / Miyoo Max, and may also (though not always) retain compatibility with the GCW Zero. Do note, however, that the Game Kiddy 350H - another handheld that runs OpenDingux - is known to have compatibility issues with many software that use IPU scaling or GPU functions.


As I'm unable to contribute as much as I'd like to be able to these days due to conflicting interests, I welcome pull requests from other users who have new releases. For contributors, before forking, please follow the format as written in the Wiki.

I'd appreciate it if we didn't fork, kthx? Let's prevent confusion for new users as much as we can, and contribute to one central repo.

Table of Contents

All apps can be placed inside and ran from either the internal SD card in /media/data/apps/ (these are where apps are by default), or in the external card in SDCARD ROOT:/apps/ (recognized by the system as /media/sdcard/apps/).

/media/data/local/share/ and /usr/local/share/ are the same target directory. If you're using the RG-350, it's recommended to use FTP (access the "Network" link in the Settings section of your home menu). The Pocket Go 2 is known to lack the necessary functioning device drivers to have working FTP, so you'll have better luck copying files between cards through the built-in Dingux Commander utility, referencing the provided apps locations for where to copy to.

It is highly recommended that you use the latest available stable firmware for your device, with the provided updates for supported devices listed in the section below - Firmwares & Updates. Clicking the version numbers will link to relevant instructions and changelogs for that particular version.

Firmwares & Updates

UPDATE: Current OpenDingux

As of October 7th, the firmwares for the RG-350, RG-350M, and GCW Zero are now merged under the new-and-improved upstream OpenDingux. Currently, these are considered ALPHA QUALITY and will be unstable in many ways compared to the individual device releases below, but can introduce anywhere from small to significant improvements in performance, functionality, and is overall much less of a headache to manage than the different forks for different devices. Eventually, this will become the new standard firmware for OpenDingux-based devices; however, like any change, this will be a transitionary period until the upstream OpenDingux is considered stable.

Once again, these releases are alpha and can/(probably) will crash or corrupt things, so if you choose to do this, either backup your internal SD card's contents, or use a different internal SD card for current OpenDingux. These are distributed as OPK updaters; it's recommended you be running the latest legacy firmware for your device of choice to ensure everything is functioning as intended before updating to current.

Version OPK Update
Nightly OPK Update

Base Images: For either new SD Cards, or corrupted/old in-use internal cards that may need a full update. Requires using a PC with an SD Reader/Adapter. Comes with built-in apps. Typically only provided for Major version updates.

OPK Updater: Runs directly on the console (usually from an external card) that only updates the kernel and other related important files that need updating. Typically provided as an alternative for Major version updates, or Minor/Patch-level updates. Does NOT require installing previous updates, unless explicitly noted.

NOTE: If you use the Base Image on a new/old SD card, it is highly recommended that, for best results, you wipe the existing games/emulator versions bundled and provide the versions listed in this repo.

RG-350 / RG-350 M

Version Base Image OPK Update
1.5 1.5_SD Card Image N/A
1.5.1 N/A 1.5.1_OPK Updater
HDMI (BETA) N/A HDMI Updater (RG-350) & HDMI Updater (RG-350 M)

PlayGo / Pocket Go 2 / Miyoo Max

Version Base Image
Stock SD Card Image

*Follow the instructions for SD Card Image flashing from the RG-350 for reverting to stock PG2 firmware.

GCW Zero

Version OPK Update
08-20-2014 OPK Updater

Games & Ports

Name OPK Link Source Requires Data Files?
AAAA (Adamant Armor Affection Adventure) Latest Inactive No
Abuse* Latest Inactive (Source N/A) No
Another World Latest Active Another World Data Files (BANK*, MEMLIST.BIN), ~/.aw/
Arkanoid Latest Legacy (Source N/A) No
Atomix Latest Active No
BlockRage Latest Legacy (Source N/A) No
Bubble Bobble Remake Latest Legacy (Source N/A) No
Cannonball* Latest Inactive OutRun (sitdown/upright, Rev B) Data Files (Unzipped), ~/.cannonball/roms/
Cannon Fodder Latest Legacy (Source N/A) No
Cave Story (NXEngine) Latest Inactive (Source N/A) No
C-Dogs SDL 0.6.6 Inactive (Upstream Deprecated) No
Chocolate Doom** *** Latest Inactive (Source N/A) No
Commander Genius Latest Active Commander Keen (1-6, Dreams) Data Files, ~/.CommanderGenius/games/
Descent 1 (d1x)** RetroFW ver. Inactive (Source N/A) (Optional) Descent Data Files, ~/.d1x-rebirth/, will fallback to built-in Shareware if not found.
Descent 2 (d2x)* Latest Legacy (Optional) Descent 2 Data Files, ~/.d2x-rebirth/, will fallback to built-in Shareware if not found.
DevilutionX* Latest Upstream Diablo 1.09b Data File, ~/.local/share/diasurgical/devilution/diabdat.mpq
DIV Frogger Latest Legacy (Source N/A) No
EasyRPG Player Latest Active (Source N/A) RPG Maker 2000/2003 Games, RTP files go in ~/.easyrpg/{rtp2k OR rtp2k3}
ECWolf* Latest Inactive Wolfenstein 3D/Spear of Destiny Data Files, ~/.ecwolf/
eDuke32* Latest Inactive Fixed eDuke32.cfg configuration file for RG350 + Duke Nukem 3D (Shareware/Registered/Plutonium Pak), ~/.eduke32/
Fade to Black Gamebla's Latest Inactive Fade to Black data files, ~/.fadetoblack/
Falling Time Latest Inactive No
Finite Latest Inactive No
FreeDink Latest Inactive No
FreeDroid Latest Inactive No
Ganbare, Natsuki-san! Latest Inactive No
Ghouls'n Ghosts Remix Latest Inactive No
Gianna's Return Latest Legacy (Source N/A) No
Griffon Legend Latest Inactive No
Hase Latest Active No
Heart of Darkness (HODE) Latest Active (Source N/A) Heart of Darkness (PC) Installation, uses native selector; point at .dem/.lvl/.mst/.sss files
Heroes of Might & Magic 2 Latest Legacy (Archive) HMM2 Data Files (data & maps folders), ~/.fheroes2/
Hexen 2 - Hammer of Thyrion** Latest Inactive Hexen II Data Files, ~/.hexen2/data1/
Hocoslamfy Latest Active No
Jet Set Willy II Latest Legacy (Source N/A) No
KOF - Flames of Courage v5 Final Inactive No
Last Mission Latest Inactive No
Love Snake Latest Legacy (Source N/A) No
Marathon* Latest Active (Source N/A) No
Marathon 2* Latest Active (Source N/A) No
Marathon Infinite* Latest Active (Source N/A) No
Meritous Latest Inactive No
Meteoroid3D Latest Inactive No
Metro-Cross Remake Latest Legacy (Source N/A) No
MiniSlug Latest Inactive No
Mr.Drillux Latest Inactive No
nKaruga Latest Inactive No
Odamex* *** Latest Inactive (Final) DOOM (2) Data Files
OpenBOR Latest Inactive OpenBOR Game Pak Files, /usr/local/share/OpenBOR/Paks/
OpenDune Latest Active Dune Data Files (DOS v.1.07), ~/.opendune/data/
OpenJazz (Original) Latest Inactive Jazz Jackrabbit Data Files, ~/.openjazz/
OpenJazz (New) Latest Active (Source N/A) Jazz Jackrabbit Data Files, ~/.openjazz/
OpenLara Latest Upstream Tomb Raider Android/PC/PSX/Saturn Data Files, ~/.openlara/DATA/; Optional: PSX/Saturn Load Screen Images, ~/.openlara/{BINDATA or DECDATA}/; Optional: PC FMV Files, ~/.openlara/FMV/; Optional: PC/PS1/Saturn Audio Files, ~/.openlara/audio/ (labeled track_XX.ogg, starting from zero-padded 02 to 60)
OpenSonic Latest Legacy No
OpenTyrian** Latest Inactive No
POWDER Latest_v117 Legacy (Source N/A) No
PrBoom+ Latest Inactive No
Puzzletube Latest Inactive No
Quake 3* Latest Legacy (Source N/A) Quake III Arena Shareware/Registered Data Files, ~/.q3a/
Quartermaster Latest Active No
REminiscence Latest Inactive Flashback Data Files, ~/.REminiscence/data/
rgQuake* Latest Active Quake (& Mission Pack 1/2) Data Files, /media/data/Quake/id1/pak*.pak
Rise of the Triad* Latest Inactive Fork Rise of the Triad: The Dark War (Registered Version) Data Files, ~/.rott/data/
Rockbot Latest Inactive No
Rock Rain 2 Latest Legacy (Source N/A) No
rRootage Latest Active No
SDLQuake2* Latest Inactive Fork Quake II (Shareware/Registered) Data Files, ~/.quake2/baseq2
Shadow Warrior* Latest Inactive Fork Shadow Warrior (Shareware/Registered) Data Files, ~/.jfsw/sw.grp
SkiFree! Latest Active (Source N/A) No
Slitherlink v1.1 Inactive (Mirror)
SM64-OD* Latest-DIY Active Build-your-own-OPK. ***NOT TO BE REDISTRIBUTED***
Snowman Latest Inactive No
Sonic Robo Blast 2* Latest (OpenDingux Current) / 2.1.15 (1.5.x) Active (N/A) Inactive Fork No
Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart* Latest (OpenDingux Current) Active No
Sopwith Latest Active No
Sqrxz (Remake) Final Legacy No
Sqrxz 2: Two seconds 'til death Final Legacy No
Sqrxz 3: Adventure for Love Final Legacy No
Sqrxz 4: Cold Cash Final Legacy No
Strange Adventure in Infinite Space Latest Inactive No
Streets of Rage Remake v5.1 Latest Legacy No (Recommended to set Video Options -> Shadows from Reflected to SOR type to mitigate crashes.)
Stunt Car Remake Latest Active No
Super Mario War SMW 2.0-WIP Active (Source N/A) / Active No
SuperTux Latest Inactive No
Syoban Action Latest Legacy (Source N/A) No
TailTale Latest Inactive No
Tron-clone Latest Active No (Multiplayer Only)
TuxPuck Latest Active No
UMG-v0.4Demo Latest Legacy No
Ur-Quam Masters (Star Control 2) Latest Legacy (Source N/A) No
VVVVVV Latest Active VVVVVV Data Archive, ~/.local/share/VVVVVV/
xRick Latest Active No
Zatackax Latest Active No
Zelda: Return of the Hylian Latest Legacy (Source N/A) No
Zelda: Oni-Link Begins Latest Legacy (Source N/A) No
Zelda: Time to Triumph Latest Legacy (Source N/A) No

*: Accepts all RG350/PG2 inputs (dual sticks, secondary triggers and stick clicks)

**: Accepts most RG350/PG2 inputs, but in a limited capacity (i.e. can only use one joystick, doesn't register stick clicks, etc.)

***: Uses frontend file explorer for input.


Unless specified, emulators use the frontend's file explorer for ROM files, or have been modified to do so.

Most emulators will use the Power (I/O) button for a menu toggle; otherwise, it's Start + Select, or in some cases, simply Select. If an emulator has added support for the PocketGo 2, then it will use its Menu button as an alternative in some cases.

Emulated System(s) Name OPK Link Source Requires System Files?
3DO 3Doh Latest Inactive 3DO BIOS, /media/data/local/home/.3doh/bios.bin
Amstrad CPC CrocoDS 2020-01-15 Active No
Apple II(GS) KEGS 2016-05-04 Inactive Apple II GS ROM, ~/.kegs/ROM, and related games/hard disk images. READ THE README.
Arcade - FBA FinalBurnAlpha (Speed) (Compatibility) Active Varies
Arcade - Laserdisc Daphne 2015-05-07 Inactive Compatible Laserdisc Games (Conversion Tutorial Link)
Arcade - MAME (0.52, 0.69, 0.84) XMAME (Installer)* 2020-10-02_v2.0BETA Active? (Source N/A) Games location: `$INSTALLPATH/{mame4all2
Atari VCS (2600) Stella 2015-10-06 Inactive No
Atari 5200 & 8-Bits Platform (Atari 400/800) Atari800 2020-02-14 (For 1.5.1) 2020-02-14 (For 1.5.2) Active (Source N/A) No?
Atari 7800 ProSystem 2013-06-16-launcher Inactive No
Atari Lynx Handy Latest Active No
Atari ST DCaSTaway* 2014-11-09 Legacy Atari ST TOS ROM, ~/DCaSTaway/bios/rom (A rom file with no extension in the bios folder, NOT a rom directory)
Bandai Wonderswan (B/W, Color) SwanEmu Latest Active (Source N/A) No
BBC Micro BeebEm Latest Active Acorn DNFS, BBC Model B OS 1.2, and BBC Basic, ~/.beebem/roms/ {acorn_dnfs, os12, basic} (No extensions)
Coleco Colecovision ColecOD 2013-06-15-launcher Inactive No
Commodore 64 VICE-x64 2020-02-13 Active (Source N/A) No
Commodore Amiga UAE4All Latest Active Fork Amiga 500 Kickstart ROM, ~/.uae4all/kick.rom
Mattel Intellivision JzIntv 2015-03-28 Inactive No
MB/GCE Vectrex Vecx Latest Active (Source N/A) No
Nintendo Entertainment System, Famicom Disk System FCEUX 2019-11-15 Active Fork (Optional) Famicom Disk System ROM, ~/.fceux/disksys.rom
Nintendo Entertainment System, Famicom Disk System (High Accuracy) Nestopia (ALPHA) Latest Active (Optional) Famicom Disk System ROM, ~/.nestopia/disksys.rom
Nintendo Game & Watch (LCD) Game&Watch 2020-03-18 Active (Source N/A) ?
Nintendo Game Boy (DMG, Color) Gambatte Latest Active Fork No
Nintendo Game Boy Advance ReGBA 2020-10-20_Unified (1.5.X) 2019-05-19_SaveFixes (PG2 Fallback) Latest (OpenDingux Current) Active Fork (Optional) Game Boy Advance BIOS, ~/.gpsp/gba_bios.bin
Nintendo Pokémon Mini PokeMini Latest Inactive No
Nintendo Virtual Boy VBemu Latest Active No
NEC PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16, CD System Temper Latest Active (Optional) PC-Engine Super System Card 3, ~/.temper/syscards/syscard3.pce
NEC PC-FX SmallPCFX Latest Inactive PC-FX BIOS, ~/.mednafen/pcfx.rom
PC - MS-DOS DOSBox v0.74 2019-11-11-launcher Active Fork No
PC - MSX (1, 2, 2+) OpenMSX v0.15 (2018-12-23) Inactive (Upstream Deprecated) (Optional) BlueMSX Compatible System Folders, Configurable
PC - Point-and-Click Adventure Games ScummVM* Latest Active Fork No
PICO-8 Retro8 Latest Active No
Sega Master System, Game Gear SMS Plus GX Latest Active No
Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, CD, Master System, Game Gear, SG-1000 Genesis Plus GX Latest (OpenDingux?) 2019-12-23 Active (Optional) Sega/Mega CD BIOS Images, bios_CD_U.bin bios_CD_J.bin bios_CD_E.bin: ~/.genplus/bios/
Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, CD, 32X, Master System PicoDrive Latest (FW 1.5.x) Latest (OpenDingux Current) Active (Optional) Sega/Mega CD BIOS Images, bios_CD_U.bin bios_CD_J.bin bios_CD_E.bin: ~/.picodrive/
SNK Neo-Geo CD NEO4All Latest Active Fork Neo-Geo CD BIOS, ~/.neo4all/neocd.bin
SNK Neo-Geo Pocket (B/W, Color) NGPCEmu Latest Active No
Sony PlayStation PCSX4All Latest (GBB) Active Fork (Soarqin) PlayStation BIOS, ~/.pcsx4all/bios/
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Fast, Low Accuracy - Stable Branch) PocketSNES Latest Active Fork No
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Fast, Low Accuracy - Experimental Branch) snex9x4d Latest Active Fork No
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (High Accuracy, Slow) Snes9x 2019-11-11 Active Fork No
Watara Supervision Potator* 2013-09-17 Inactive No
ZX Spectrum Fuse Latest Active (Optional) Spectrum-family system ROMs, ~/.fuse/roms/
ZX Spectrum UnrealSpeccyP Latest Active No

*: Emulator uses its own frontend for basic usage and setup

**: Emulator uses its own frontend for setup, required to use system frontend launcher


Name OPK Link Source
350teric (Formerly GMenuNX-Dingux Fork) Latest Active
EmulationStation (UNSTABLE) Latest Latest
SimpleMenu Latest Active

350teric (Pronounced "Esoteric"): Based on GMenu2x, similar to GMenuNX (RetroFW) with additions such as preview images, extended skin customization, etc. Example repos that demonstrate the added possibilities.

SimpleMenu: A new menu system with focus on usability and aesthetic/functional simplicity.

EmulationStation: A port of the PC frontend - is known to not support many pre-existing themes, requires pre-configuration for specific emulators, and is generally not as plug-n-play friendly as GMenu or SimpleMenu. Is a work-in-progress.


Name OPK Link Source
Bard Storyteller (Ebooks) Latest Legacy (Archive)
CPU Governor Setting Original N/A
Dingux Commander (Glebm Fork) 2020-04-04 Inactive Fork
Dingux Commander KAI (WIP) Latest Active Fork (2020-01-20-Archive)
FFPlay Latest Inactive
Glutext Latest Legacy
GMU Latest Inactive
Input Tester Latest Active
MilkyTracker 2019-11-24 Active(?) (Source N/A)
Oldplay Latest Legacy (Archive)
PWSWD++ (Power Button Daemon Update) Latest Active
ROGUE RG350 Test 1.2 Active (Part of ROGUE CFW)
Simple Terminal Emulator Latest Active

Development Tools

Name Source
Sparrow3D Source
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