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a compilation of commercially usable game ready retro style 3d graphic assets

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The Big Collection of Commercially Usable Retro 3D Style Assets

A compilation of game-ready retro style 3d graphic assets (think PS1) that are commercially usable with no attribution, share-alike, or such required.

To submit:

  1. upload your assets to
  2. add a note saying what you made and that it's under cc0 license
  3. CREDIT YOUR TEXTURES IF YOU GOT THEM FROM SOMEWHERE (on your asset page put a link to the site along with the site's licensing info), if you handpainted them or took the base picture yourself please mention that on the page so I know you didn't just forget to include credits.
  4. create an issue on this github project with a link to your assets

You must have commercial rights to all parts of the assets! You cannot submit anything that uses texture found on google images randomly. Textures must be from sites like,,, or any other site that allows textures/images to be used in games with no attribution or restrictions and ALSO allows redistribution of assets made from them. 3D models and animations must also be made by you, cc0, or from sources that allow commercial use without attribution and are not under share-alike licenses (if this is the case, put links to where you got them from in the pages description).

things this collection could use:

  • fantasy stuff
  • contemporary stuff
  • scifi stuff
  • rigged characters
  • modular building pieces
  • skyboxes/skyspheres
  • vehicles
  • furniture
  • nature
  • weapons
  • animals
  • decals/particle textures like fire/blood
  • retro style fonts, icons, and ui themes


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