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A place to collect resources shared bythe community of Intel® Edge AI Foundation course

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[RESOURCES] Intel-Edge-AI-Foundation-course

Collected resources shared by the community of Intel® Edge AI Foundation course

  • Last update: to prevent overwhelming a little, each item from content is now in a separated file containing all its related resources under categories* Files are accessed by clicking on the item included table of content or by browsing directory

Table of Content:

Must read Articles


the following are resources aims to help students to try challenges and get job Opportunities

Are you looking for a REFERENCE job in Data Science/Machine Learning/Deep Learning?

General Articles/videos




  • AI Engineer learning path AI Engineer learning path

  • Type hierarchy on Numpy Type hierarchy on Numpy

  • guide-to-iot-infographic guide-to-iot-infographic

  • Git Cheat sheet git

  • Machine Learning ecosystem Machine Learning

  • Machine Learning Practices Machine Learning practices

  • Deep Learning Methods DL methods

  • Statistical Distributions Statistical Distributions

  • Computer vision processes difference image

  • AI Mindmap image

  • Machine Learning Algorithms image

  • BAsic Linux Commands image

  • The Industrial Internet Arises With Big Data And The Internet of Things image

  • Building the Machine learning model image

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