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Example reports from prior years of the Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition

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Within this repository we are including redacted copies of every report from the teams that advanced to the final competition as part of the Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition. As organizers of CPTC, our core goal is to foster education and help the next generation of offensive security practitioners gain practical experience that they can use in their future careers. To support this mission, we’ve been increasing the amount of feedback and information that we share with competitors in order to improve every team which participates in our event. Sadly, our time and resources are limited and not every team has the opportunity to make it to the final round of competition and experience all that CPTC has to offer, limiting that goal.

We are providing these reports as examples for students and practitioners around the industry as examples. None of them are perfect, but all provide excellent examples of various approaches to reporting during penetration testing activities.

About CPTC

At its heart, CPTC is a bit different from several other collegiate Cybersecurity competitions. Instead of defending your network, searching for flags, or claiming ownership of systems, CPTC focuses on mimicking the activities performed during a real-world penetration testing engagement conducted by companies, professional services firms, and internal security departments around the world.

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