Remc2 Versions Save

Recode Binary code of game Magic Carpet2 to C/C++ language(remake MC2 for any platform)


2 years ago

many many fixes and refactoring


3 years ago

-update SDL2 and SDL-MIXER-X -fixed path for HQ graphics -added next debug and fixed info


3 years ago

-added some debug info


3 years ago

-added missing DLL -added setting for game and video speed -added script for GOG version game data extract (bug - in first run game crash somebody)

rewrite remc2.exe with file from


3 years ago

-game is full playable without big bugs(maybe :) -binary WIN32 release for testing added


3 years ago

-fixed levels 6 and 7 -fixed select spell type -fixed any problems with loading level -many next fixes


3 years ago

-fixed levels 4 and 5 -fixed any problems with castle destroying -many other fixes


3 years ago

-fixed level 3 -fixed any problems with mouse positions(when spell select) -rewrite any terrain generate functions


3 years ago

-first two levels fixed, and playable as in original game -128x128 textures, 640x480 and best graphics in default -fixed many errors -many fix of 64bit version - now can run game, game menu work, level select map work, but game not playable

regression: you must restart game after set language


3 years ago

-second level mosty playable(can not finish, and next minor bugs) -added 128x128 textures(any water tiles not cleaned now)