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An iOS app for streaming millions of free music recordings from the Internet Archive

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Relisten iOS

Relisten is an iOS app for streaming millions of free recordings from the Internet Archive

Relisten Main Screen

Beta Testing

Click Here to add yourself to the beta testing group for Relisten.

You can join the Discord Chat to provide feedback on the app or discuss live music in general.

Development: Getting Started

Build Status

If you'd like to build Relisten iOS you'll need Cocoapods.

Clone the repository, then run the setup script to make sure you have all of the dependencies checked out (they'll check out one directory up from your relisten-ios checkout)

$ git clone
$ cd relisten-ios
$ ./
$ open Relisten.xcworkspace

If you're looking for a place to help out we tag good starter bugs with the Help Wanted tag. Feel free to grab an issue and send a PR with a fix.

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