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Welcome to Rel8! Rel8 is a Haskell library for interacting with PostgreSQL databases, built on top of the fantastic Opaleye library.

The main objectives of Rel8 are:

  • Conciseness: Users using Rel8 should not need to write boiler-plate code. By using expressive types, we can provide sufficient information for the compiler to infer code whenever possible.

  • Inferrable: Despite using a lot of type level magic, Rel8 aims to have excellent and predictable type inference.

  • Familiar: writing Rel8 queries should feel like normal Haskell programming.

Rel8 was presented at ZuriHac 2021. If you want to have a brief overview of what Rel8 is, and a tour of the API - check out the video below:

Rel8 presentation at ZuriHac 2021

For more details, check out the official documentation.

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