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reimg - A javascript library for converting image formats

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reimg - A javascript library for converting image formats This can convert :

  • svg -> base64
  • svg -> canvas
  • svg -> html <img/> element
  • svg -> png
  • canvas -> base64
  • canvas -> html <img/> element
  • canvas -> png

I needed to do this transformations a few times in the past, and got tired of looking them up.
Most of the solutions I found were either more complicated, or they required heavy 3rd party libraries or frameworks.
This is a very lightweight solution, and very simple to follow.

Just include this library in your html code :

<script src="reimg.js"></script>

Here are some examples on how to use it :

// convert svg element to img element
var img = ReImg.fromSvg(document.querySelector('svg')).toImg();
// now 'img' is the img element created

// convert svg element to png
var png = ReImg.fromSvg(document.getElementById('svg-element-id')).toPng();

// force client download of svg as png image

// convert canvas to png
var png = ReImg.fromCanvas(document.getElementById('canvasId')).toPng();


This piece of software is issued under the MIT license. You can view the license here

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