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External mid-function hooking method to retrieve register data


4 years ago

If the address returned from VirtualAlloc/Ex was larger than 32 bits, the instructions wouldn't encode correctly. This is now resolved, and as an added bonus to the new jump method, it takes up less space. Thanks to @jjensn for prompting this fix.

Make sure you use the new header file as well, the RegDump class changed a bit.


5 years ago

I was testing some V7 hook stuff which only required a 10 byte patch, but never actually switched everything back to using the const size_t. That's fixed now, it works again.


5 years ago

Using v6 of the hook, this is a static lib with FDE64 and shit taken care of for you. Just include RegHookEx.h and the static lib, and you're good to go.