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A showcase of the Redux architecture with React Router

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This repository is deprecated and not maintained anymore

Check out those resources:

This is a boilerplate example showcasing mostly Redux and React Router and it aims to provide different examples or use cases with the two libraries.

Check out the migration to babel 6.


  • latest react, redux, react-router
  • devtools + HMR for development
  • react
    • higher-order components
    • higher-order functions
  • redux
    • bootstrap initial state
    • store enhancers (e.g.: localStorage persistence)
    • middleware composition
    • easy-to-configure reducers
    • async actions
  • react-router
    • nested routes
    • secured area by login
    • keep routes into state for easy time travel
  • i18n support by react-intl
    • scripts to extract messages and generate XLIFF files for translators
  • GitHub API with pagination
  • CSSnext bundles
    • injected into HTML by webpack for development (allows HMR)
    • bundled as a separate file for production
  • development tools such as webpack, babel, eslint


$ npm install
$ npm start

I18n support

All messages in this website are localized and rendered using [email protected].

There is also a babel plugin to extract all the default messages into ./_translations/lib to be provided to translators.

$ npm run build:i18n

You can also run a script to extract all those translations as key-value.

$ npm run build:i18n:langs


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