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Small ReactJS application to demonstrate the usage of redux-oidc

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This is a small sample app to demonstrate the usage of redux-oidc.

You will need a Google account to use it.

After logging in, the app will query the YouTube API for a list of your 5 most recent channel subsciptions (if any). You can click on Show user info to view the user info stored in the reducer. Click on Logout to log out again.

Visit for the live demo (might take a while to load).

Usage since redux-oidc v3.0.0-beta.10

co has been removed from the peer dependencies. You don't need it anymore for running this library. You can also safely drop babel-polyfill from the silent renew script.

Usage with silent renew (since redux-oidc v3.0.0-beta.7)

See this app's store and silent renew configurations, as well as webpack config on how to use it.

Usage without silent renew

Using this library without silent renew is possible by using the oidc middleware. See this store configuration on how to use it.


This app uses react-router-redux for routing.

Running locally

Clone this repo and run npm install. After that run node server to start the server. Please note that the server is running under TLS and therefore you need to visit https://localhost:8080 to find the app.


This app uses a webpack config for building two separate files, index.html for the app & silent_renew.html for silent renew. It uses express as a server with this config to allow the routing for both HTML files to work.

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