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Java Redis Client GUI Tool


8 years ago
  • Subscribe tool: subscribe redis channel My image
  • Publish tool: publish to redis channel My image
  • Options: config system options(connection timeout, namespace separator, paging size)
  • Watch redis data for different data format(plain text, json, xml, base64 image)


8 years ago


  • Implement redis communication protocol.
  • Run redis command in console, support almost all redis command.
    • Run current command.
    • Run selected command.
    • Run all command from cursor.
  • Format command response for list, hash, set, zset and info command.


8 years ago

More friendly UI to list and update redis data

  • Support paging query redis data
  • Support multiple selection to delete, cut, copy, export redis data
  • Support flat view and hierarchy view to list redis data
  • Support multiple language, now support English and Chinese
  • Support time to live
  • Support server password authentication
  • Transparent icon


8 years ago

Windows Explorer style UI

Multiple Redis version adaptive

  1. Manage redis server
  2. Manage redis data favorite
  3. Manage redis data
    • New redis data: string, list, hash, set, sorted set
    • Rename redis data
    • Delete redis data
    • Update redis data
    • Cut, copy paste redis data
    • Import, export redis data
    • Search redis data
    • Order redis data by key, data type, size
    • Navigation history