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Download all the picture/video posts from a particular user on Reddit, for uh...reasons. Automatically removes duplicates :star:.

QuickStart with Docker

The simplest way to run this tool is from Docker due to the number of overlapping dependencies.

  1. Install Docker from this link - (make sure virtualization is enabled in your BIOS)
  2. Pull the image from Docker Hub with
docker pull monkeymaster64/reddit-media-downloader:latest
  1. To run the tool, from the shell (CMD for Windows, bash for Linux/MAC) run the following commmand
docker run -v "[Path to folder to store output]:/usr/src/app/Reddit-User-Media-Downloader-Public/output" monkeymaster64/reddit-media-downloader --user [Reddit username] --limit [maximum number of posts to download from user]

An example is

docker run -v "C:\Users\User\Downloadsr:/usr/src/app/Reddit-User-Media-Downloader-Public/output" monkeymaster64/reddit-media-downloader --user monkeymaster64 --limit 10

Usage from Command Prompt

If you choose to run the tool natively, here is how you'd run it from Python in your shell

--limit tag is optional

python3 --user [case-sensitive username] --limit [maximum number of posts to download from user]


  • Python 3.8
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Build Tools (C++ Build Tools) <--- only required if you're on Windows

Python libraries

  • youtube_dl
  • imagededup
  • OpenCV2
  • Cython
  • Requests

How to Install Python Requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt

How to Install Visual C++ Build Tools

  1. Download the executable from this link -
  2. Select the "C++ Build Tools" workload under "Desktop and Mobile"
  3. When it's finished downloading and installing, restart your PC

C++ Build Tools Instructions

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