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An open leadership capability that defines five behaviors (connect, extend trust, collaborate, be transparent, promote inclusive meritocracy)

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What is the Red Hat Multiplier?

A leadership capability that defines five behaviors that make someone a great leader in an open organization (in this case, Red Hat).

This repo includes six quick reference sheets:

  1. Red Hat Multiplier overview (pdf or odt)
  2. Collaborate
  3. Be Transparent
  4. Extend Trust
  5. Promote Inclusive Meritocracy
  6. Connect

What's in the quick reference sheets?

  • The Red Hat Multiplier, which was developed by the Red Hat People team in 2012, revised in 2019
  • Defines "what good looks like" for each behavior at increasing profiency levels, and provides guardrails (overuse and underuse of each behavior)
  • Includes suggested development activities, for building profiency with each behavior

Previous versions

version 1.0, released in 2012


The Red Hat Multiplier is available under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.

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