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Recurrence picker fragment and dialog for Android, with utilities for finding recurrence dates


1 year ago
  • Add Ukrainian translation, thanks to @Serhii_Ka.


1 year ago
  • Fixed layout issue in 2.1.5.


1 year ago
  • Add Arabic translation, thanks to @afmbsr.
  • Fix untranslated string in French translation.
  • Mostly a test release for new publishing script.
  • There's a major layout issue in this version! Please use 2.1.6.


2 years ago
  • Updated kotlin to 1.4.10.
  • Fixed layout issues with constrained width.
  • Fixed missing left and right margin in recurrence picker dialog for API <= 16.
  • Fixed dropdown widgets not wrapping width to content (introduced in 2.0.2).
  • Fixed some issues with weekly recurrence with no days set (aka on same day as start date).
    • Recurrence.toString() now returns "on same day as start date" for this case.
    • RRuleFormatter correctly formats this case which otherwise resulted in invalid RRule.


2 years ago
  • Introduced rpListDialogMaxWidth and rpPickerDialogMaxWidth attributes to limit the maximum size of dialogs on screen. Previously dialogs used at least 65% width in portrait and 100% in landscape which resulted in very wide dialogs on large screens. Maximum widths are set to 500dp for both by default.
  • Recurrence.toString() now returns the same output in release builds.
  • Day of week buttons in picker dialog are now bigger on larger screens.
  • Fixed RecurrenceFormatter not adding days of the week for a weekly recurrence recurring on multiple days of which one is the same as start date's.
  • Fixed end date dialog layout on larger screens.
  • Increased Kotlin version to 1.4.0.


2 years ago
  • Added support for changing time zone in RecurrenceFinder and RRuleFormatter.
  • RecurrenceFinder now returns an empty list instead of an exception when trying to find 0 events.
  • Better Recurrence.Builder syntax when used from Java.
  • Changed date pattern for RRule to date only yyyyMMdd instead of date and time yyyyMMddT000000.
  • Fixed recurrence builder allowing creation of non-equal recurrences of period NONE, leading to equality issues. All recurrences built with NONE period now return the same Recurrence.DOES_NOT_REPEAT instance.
  • Fixed RRuleFormatter not thread-safe due to use of static date format for formatting and parsing.


3 years ago
  • RecurrencePickerFragment now handles back press by itself.


3 years ago
  • Backported to API 14.
  • Fixed day of week toggle buttons color on API < 23 (but they don't have shadow anymore).
  • Fixed end date not being set at start of the day (time 00:00:00.000).
  • Fixed end date selection not working on API 21.
  • Fixed end date picker not keeping all state on configuration change. For example if year selection was active, date picker is reset to day selection on configuration change.
  • Fixed end date picker initially showing year 1964 or 2100 on API < 21.


3 years ago
  • Fixed weekly recurrence missing events on the first week on OEM Samsung devices.


3 years ago
  • Fixed rare crashes happening in RecurrencePickerSettings unparcelization due to Android bug on API >= 28.