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This is very basic and unfinished Gitter client written in Red. To run it, type do in Red console. You would be prompted to type your Gitter token (there is no OAuth login yet). After that, Gritter can run.

Do NOT expect it to be very useful right now, DO expect bugs and crashes.


Gitter API can read/post Gitter messages. It has (I think) all Gitter functions implemented, but not all of them have been tested, so there may be some bugs. It converts JSON to Red format using JSON parser. This parser is pretty simple, but it looks very stable.

Gitter messages are in Markdown format, that is converted with Marky-Mark that is extremly light version of this Rebol script. More features will be added later, but current version is good enough to show most messages. Original Marky Mark emitted to HTML, this version emits to Lest, which allows for more targets. Currently, Rich Text Dialect target is implemented only.

Rich Text Dialect (RTD) is an abstraction over the Draw dialect that allows to just care about the text and not about the placement, as the dialect does it automatically. RTD will be covered in separate document.

So the data flow is like this:

[JSON from Gitter]--converted to Red-->[Markdown from Gitter]--converted to Lest-->[Lest source]--converted to RTD-->[RTD source]--converted to Draw-->[Displayed by Red/View]

Of course it would be possible to generate the Draw dialect directly from Markdown, but the code would be ugly and not reusable. Lest and RTD are powerful tools that have their use outside of Gitter.

Gitter Tools

Gritter also provides various tools for working with Gitter, downloading whole rooms and searching.


To use Gritter and/or Gitter tools, you need Gitter API key. You can get one from Gitter developer page. If you run Gritter for the first time you will be prompet to paste your key in GUI. If you don't want to use GUI paste your key into file as issue!. E.g. your key is 12345, so your would be #12345 (format of this file may change in the future).

If you want to use offline search feature, you need to download rooms first. To download them, run and use function get-data or get-data/verbose if you are insterested in what's going on. This will take a lot of time on first run, on ssubsequntial runs, only new messages are donwloaded and get-data function runs much faster.

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