Realcugan Ncnn Webassembly Save

Super-resolution processing for anime images based on WASM; 基于WASM的动漫图片超分辨率处理

Project README



This project uses Web Assembly technology to run the Real-CUGAN model based on ncnn.

Real-CUGAN is an AI super resolution model for anime images, trained in a million scale anime dataset, using the same architecture as Waifu2x-CUNet. It supports 2x\3x\4x super resolving. For different enhancement strength, now 2x Real-CUGAN supports 5 model weights, 3x/4x Real-CUGAN supports 3 model weights.

The code implementation deeply refers to realcugan-ncnn-vulkan and ncnn-webassembly-nanodet.



iOS: is not currently supported.

Android: please open in a browser app.

PC/Mac/Linux: recommend using the latest version of Chrome or Firefox.

How to build

  1. Install emscripten:
git clone
cd emsdk
./emsdk install 3.1.13
./emsdk activate 3.1.13

source emsdk/ # or add it to .zshrc etc.
  1. build:
git clone
cd realcugan-ncnn-webassembly

git submodule update --init

go run local_server.go

open in brower: http://localhost:8000

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