Real Time Image Animation Save

The Project is real time application in opencv using first order model

Project README

Real time Image Animation

The Project is real time application in opencv using first order model

Steps to setup

Step 1: Create virtual environment

Python version : python v3.7.3 or higher

create virual environment : pip install virtualenv

activate virtual environment : virtualenv env

Step 2: Activate virtual environment

For windows : env/Script/activate

For Linux : source env/bin/activate

Step 3 : Install required modules

Install modules : pip install -r requirements.txt

Install pytorch and torchvision : pip install torch===1.0.0 torchvision===0.2.1 -f

Step 4 : Download cascade file ,weights and model and save in folder named extract

gdown --id 1wCzJP1XJNB04vEORZvPjNz6drkXm5AUK The file is also availible via direct link on Google's Drive:

On Linux machine : unzip

If on windows platfrom unzip using unzipping software like 7zip.

Delete zip file : rm

Step 5 : Run the project

Run application from live camera : python -i path_to_input_file -c path_to_checkpoint

Example : python .\ -i .\Inputs\Monalisa.png -c .\checkpoints\vox-cpk.pth.tar

Run application from video file : python -i path_to_input_file -c path_to_checkpoint -v path_to_video_file

Example : python .\ -i .\Inputs\Monalisa.png -c .\checkpoints\vox-cpk.pth.tar -v .\video_input\test1.mp4

test demo


Tkinter version

Need work on face alignments

Future plans adding deepfake voice and merging with video


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