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Show real domain name of the current webpage.

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Why it's important?


As you can see both of these domains appear identical in the browser but they are completely different websites. One of them was registered by us, today. Our domain is actually the domain but it appears in Chrome and Firefox as

The real is a healthcare website. Using our unicode domain, we could clone the real website, then start emailing people and try to get them to sign into our fake healthcare website which would hand over their login credentials to us. We may then have full access to their healthcare records or other sensitive data.

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I recommended you install this plugin because We don't know when the browser will screw things up again.

Updates: Update on April 19th at noon Pacific time: Chrome has just released version 58.0.3029.81. We have confirmed that this resolves the issue and that our ‘’ test domain no longer shows as ‘’ and displays the raw punycode instead, which is ‘’, making it clear that the domain is not ‘’. We encourage all Chrome users to immediately update to the above version of Chrome to resolve the issue. The original post follows:

I don't trust this plugin?

This plugin is open sourced, check it here:

More discussion here:

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