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Example project combining JUCE with React Native on iOS and Android

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Example project combining JUCE with React Native on iOS and Android

This project was written to accompany a talk presented at the ADC'16 conference. It demonstrates using JUCE to create a custom view in a React Native app.

It uses React Native Navigation for navigation and MobX for state management.


This project is quite out of date, based on now old versions of React Native and React Native Navigation, and also a fork of JUCE 4.3 (current version as of writing is 5.02). To be updated soon..


Install podspec-generator: npm install -g podspec-generator

npm install

podspec-generator node_modules/react-native-navigation

For iOS:

cd Builds/iOS

pod install

You must then open the generated workspace project in Xcode.

For Android

Replace node_modules/react-native-navigation/android/app/build.gradle with

Run the packager

The code in this repository was designed to showcase both iOS and Android "Hot Reloading" simultaneously. In order the achieve this I put the iOS version on port 8082. So for iOS, please start it like this:

npm run start-8082

and for Android open up another terminal session and:

npm start

Now you should be able to run both platforms with Hot Reloading!

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