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This lib can drastically improve performance of your React apps. It works on a simple premise: you use some kind of id to identify data for a component tree. This can be as simple as a string id, or as complex as a deeply nested structure. The goal is to avoid vdom diffing and vdom generation which are primary bottlenecks in React applications, especially in lists.

It comes in two forms: a shouldComponentUpdate function, and a component


npm install --save react-update-if-changed


The simplest way to use it is with the shouldComponentUpdate version. You can stick this on any component and it'll allow the parent to opt into the optimizations. If the parent doesn't pass a updateIfChanged or updateIfChangedEqual prop, then the component will always update.

import {shouldComponentUpdate} from 'react-update-if-changed';

class C extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
    this.shouldComponentUpdate = shouldComponentUpdate; 
  render() {
    // ...

Then when using this component, pass the information to be used as the unique key. The updateIfChangedEqual variant does a deep comparison.

<C updateIfChanged={} data={data} />
<C updateIfChangedEqual={[, data.firstName]} data={data} />

UpdateIfChanged (component)

Sometimes you don't want to break out parts of the vdom to separate components. For this case, a component is exposed that lazily renders your vdom using a "function as a child" pattern.

import {UpdateIfChanged} from 'react-update-if-changed';

const C = (props) => (
    <UpdateIfChanged updateIfChanged={}>
    {() => (
      <div>{expensive stuff}</div>

If the key hasn't changed, it won't even call the child function again, resulting in React doing an === check and deciding nothing needs to be updated.

That's all, may your apps be ever more responsive!

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