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A React example of Twilio Programmable Chat

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Twilio Programmable Chat on React

This is an implementation of Twilio Programmable Chat using React.

Setting up the app

To run this application you will need four configuration parameters, available from your Twilio console.

Config Value Description
Service Instance SID Like a database for your Programmable Chat data - generate one in the console here
Account SID Your primary Twilio account identifier - find this in the console here.
API Key Used to authenticate - generate one here.
API Secret Used to authenticate - just like the above, you'll get one here.

A Note on API Keys

When you generate an API key pair at the URLs above, your API Secret will only be shown once - make sure to save this in a secure location, or possibly your ~/.bash_profile.

Setting Up The Node.js Application

Create a configuration file for your application:

cp .env.example .env

Edit .env with the four configuration parameters we gathered from above.

Next, we need to install our dependencies from npm:

npm install
cd client/
npm install
cd ..

Now you are ready! Run the application with

npm start

Your application should start up at http://localhost:3000.

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