React Native Wheel Datepicker Versions Save

Android & iOS iOS-style Picker & DatePicker Components for ReactNative


5 years ago
  • Fixed style prop passing to pickers (PR #17 by @xxsnakerxx)


5 years ago
  • Android Picker component now uses Integer and String as possible value (String added).
  • Update DatePicker state when it receiving new props (PR #16 by @xxsnakerxx)
  • Added order prop to DatePicker with ability to order date pickers (PR #16 by @xxsnakerxx)


5 years ago
  • Fixed a bug with adding extra year when you providing maxYear prop (PR #14 by @hedaktibo)


5 years ago

Now it provides registerCustomDatePickerIOS method to register custom datepicker component for iOS


5 years ago
  • Added componentWillReceiveProps to Picker component. (PR #12 @royipressburger)


5 years ago
  • textSize and itemSpace props are using device density now (PR #10 by @rvgroup)


5 years ago
  • Use ViewPropTypes with fallback in date picker too (not only in WheelCurvedPicker) (PR #7 by @avid21)
  • Fix PickerItem falsy labels (0, false, null, etc) and back to .toString() method only when label is undefined (PR #7 by @avid21)


5 years ago
  • View.propTypes is deprecated since React Native 0.44.

Thanks @falsecz for PR and @mikaello for backwards compatibility fix.


5 years ago
  • Pass textSize, textColor and itemSpace properties down to datepicker
  • Optimise some picker styles and remove styles that not used
  • Remove unused iOS itemStyle property from Android WheelCurvedPicker
  • Update demo application a bit


5 years ago
  • Fixed a bug with falsy picker values (PR #3 by @avid21)