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7 months ago

Synchronous Callbacks (Release 0.2.7) (2023-04-22)

It's now possible to invoke callbacks defined in the JavaScript layer, have these consume values from the native runtime and also return values to the native runtime synchronously.


7 months ago

Migrate to JSI.


7 months ago

Local Imports 0.2.5 (2023-04-12)

Feature Requests

#4 - Include the ability to import local wasm files from the React Native project to WebAssembly.create. This includes an updated example project which shows how to configure the target project to support local imports.


8 months ago

Previously, all raw functions passed into the WebAssembly runtime were expected to be defined under the imports key, and were allocated using universal scope. This PR adds namespace function support to correctly qualify the scope of raw functions.

  • Fixed Typing for env's WebAssemblyEnv in shared with neighbouring ImportsMaps.
  • Compute function scope signatures in JS runtime and allocate these using C++ instantiate invocation.
  • Updated
  • Catch and propagate failed invocation results.


8 months ago

0.2.1 (2023-03-27)

  • Export a WebAssembly.Memory class to enable caller-defined configuration of the stackSizeInBytes.


8 months ago

Initial Release 0.1.1 (2023-03-26)

This is the first release of react-native-webassembly for Android and iOS. Hope you enjoy it!