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A smart scroll view component with handling of keyboard events

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A pure JS React Native Component for IOS.

A wrapper around react-native ScrollView to handle keyboard events and auto adjust input fields to be visible above keyboard on focus.

Takes in your components and recursively searches for any component (i.e. TextInput) that is given smartScrollOptions as a prop. Further props are added to these components to ensure they are always visible above the keyboard and within the ScrollView when focused.

There is also the option to autofocus the next component with smartScrollOptions on TextInput submission, and the ability to autofocus any component by setting the smartScrollOptionsprops appropriately and specifying the index of the component (more info below) .

Great for use with forms which have multiple TextInput fields!

Getting Started


$ npm i react-native-smart-scroll-view --save


In wrapping around the ScrollView and using the TextInput to control keyboard we have used their native properties to create our functionality. You can still add most props to TextInputs and we will allow you to pass some props to the ScrollView but do so with care.

SmartScrollView Props

Prop Default Type Description
forceFocusField undefined number or string Force scroll the view to the TextInput field at the specified index (smart children indexed in order from 0) or 'scrollRef' you have given to your smart child (see smartScrollOptions below)
scrollContainerStyle {flex: 1} number Style options for the View that wraps the ScrollView, the ScrollView will take up all available space.
scrollPadding 5 number Padding between the top of the keyboard/ScrollView and the focused TextInput field
contentContainerStyle {flex: 1} number Set to the ScrollView contentContainerStyle prop
zoomScale 1 number Set to the ScrollView zoomScale prop
showsVerticalScrollIndicator true bool Set to the ScrollView showsVerticalScrollIndicator prop
contentInset {top: 0, left: 0, bottom: 0, right: 0} object Set to the ScrollView contentInset prop
onScroll () => {} func Set to the ScrollView onScroll function. It will be called alongside our own
onRefFocus ()=>{} func Gives back the 'ref' of the node whenever a smart component is focused

Smart Component Props

Smart components can be the native 'TextInput' s, other component like 'View' s or your own custom components.

For each component that you would like to use, provide the prop smartScrollOptions alongside the normal props. Beware* some props of native components like TextInputs may be modified by the Smart Scroll View (see below).

smartScrollOptions - An object with the following keys:
Key Type Description
type enum (text,custom) For type 'text' the 'moveToNext' and 'onSubmitEditing' options can be set (see below). For type 'custom' further scrolling must be done by forcing the index
moveToNext bool If true, the next TextInput field will be focused when the submit button on the keyboard is pressed. Should be set to false or omitted for the last input field on the page. Warning this will not work if keyboardType for the TextInput is set to 'number-pad', 'decimal-pad', 'phone-pad' or 'numeric' as they do not have a return key
onSubmitEditing(next) func Optional function that takes a callback. When invoked, the callback will focus the next TextInput field. If no function is specified the next TextInput field is focused. Example: (next) => { if (condition) { next() } }
scrollRef string To be used in conjunction with the 'forceFocusField' prop of the 'SmartScrollView'. Use 'scrollRef' to reference a particular component which can then be set to forceFocusField to have control where the focus is
How We Modify TextInput Props

For any component which has 'smartScrollOptions.type = text', it is inferred that it is either a 'TextInput' component or contains a 'TextInput' component. The props of the enclosing 'TextInput' component are modified in the following way.

  • We attach our own onFocus function and will call yours alongside.
  • If moveToNext in smartScrollOptions is true:
    • TheonSubmitEditing is replaced with our own. See above.
    • blurOnSubmit is set to false

Example Usage

Code for the above gif is found here

Here is another example of the smart-scroll-view in action.


To run the code yourself and play around, open and run the Xcode project.

open SuperScrollingFormExample/ios/SuperScrollingFormExample.xcodeproj


  • Allow for more types other than text input to have smart scroll functionality.
    • i.e. a customisable picker component that can be used to replace keyboard to allow the user to select a value from a picker.
    • Any image, button, slider....
  • Allow for header/banner above keyboard.
  • Better animations....
  • Your issues/suggestions!
Feel free to comment, question, create issues, submit PRs... to make this view even smarter
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