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Here’s a flowchart to make you happy again!

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Here’s a flowchart to make you happy again!

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Based on and inspired by

  • If you are confused by the React ecosystem and don’t know where to start, read Pete Hunt’s react-howto guide.

  • If you are using a Flux library (or Redux) and it adds a lot of boilerplate for no obvious gain, remove it and learn state management in vanilla React with the official Thinking in React guide.

  • If you don’t feel comfortable using ES2015 features (e.g. classes and fat arrows) and you feel like updating your JavaScript knowledge, Understanding ECMAScript 6 is an amazing guide. Use Babel to verify your assumptions.

  • If you are just learning React, and a JavaScript bundler like Webpack confuses you, copy jarsbe/react-simple and start hacking with no build step.

  • After you’ve learned React itself you can begin learning good deployment practices such as using JavaScript bundlers. Use Google Page Speed to assess how well your app delivers the client code.


  1. Edit the .dot file with
  2. Install dot from
  3. Install dot, a part of Graphviz.
  • On OSX with Homebrew, merely do brew install graphviz.
  • Otherwise, it's probably in your OS's package repositories as simply graphviz.
  • You can also get an installer from the Graphviz downloads page.
  1. Generate the .svg with dot -Tsvg > fatigue.svg
  2. Send a PR!




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