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4 years ago


  • a2338d9 - Keep other static class members, such as defaultProps (#36) @athenayao
  • 1e17c1b - Avoid repeated state type members (#22) @mohsen1


5 years ago
  • Upgraded to use TypeScript 2.6
  • Support more prop types such as PropTypes.oneOfType, ``PropTypes.shape` and more. #19
  • Use Prettier to print prettier output #25
  • Support multiple components in the same file #30
  • Remove unnecessary import of "prop-types" package #19
  • Uses Yarn and Prettier now

Big thanks to @VincentBel for their contributions to this release!


5 years ago

New Features

  • Default to {} for empty state
  • Use ? token for optional props instead of | undefined union
  • Use React.ReactNode for type of PropTypes.node props