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Extensible RC car light controller with Web-based configuration tool

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Light controller for Radio Controlled cars

Realistic lighting of RC model cars using a standard 3-channel radio control system.

MK4 light controller revision 2 PCB

The light controller supports the following features, and more::

  • 16 LED outputs, constant-current driven. Up to 20mA per output. Two light controllers can be cascaded for a total of 32 LED outputs. (Mk4 and Mk4P only)

  • 1 high current non-dimmable switched output of up to 2A to drive a roof light bar (Mk4S: 9 non-dimmable switched outputs)

  • Parking, Low-beam, High-beam and a roof light bar can be switched on/off manually from the transmitter

  • Brake and Reversing lights are automatically controlled by monitoring the throttle channel. The brake lights now automatically turn on for a short, random time when the throttle goes to neutral.

  • Combined tail and brake light function in a single LED through controlling the brightness of the LED. (Mk4 and Mk4P only)

  • Indicators only come on when you want to. You have to stay in neutral for one seconds, then hold the steering left/right for one second before they engage. This way normal driving does not trigger the indicators.

  • Hazard lights can be switched on/off from the transmitter

  • Programmable output designed to drive a steering wheel or a figures head, or a gearbox servo

  • Automatic center and end-point adjustment for steering and throttle channels

  • 16 LEDs can be driven by one light controller. Two controllers can be daisy-chained for up to 32 LEDs.

  • Light Programs for custom light animations like police lights, running lights ...

  • Simulation of incandescent lights and faulty ground wiring

  • Optional i-Bus compatible input

  • Optional Pre-Processor for easier wiring

  • Up to 3 AUX channels can control light functions when using the 5-channel Pre- Processor

  • All functions can be customized through a web browser


An introduction video can be found at:

You may also want to read the users guide to get a grasp of the full functionality of this light controller system.

(Die Bedieungsanleitung ist auch in Deutsch verfügbar)


Firmware and schematics for the different variants are included in this project.

Over the years, the light controller went through various iterations. The document doc/hardware-overview.md explains the history of development.

MK4 light controller in various state of assembly

The current MK4 variant can drive 16 LEDs with a constant current. It utilises an inexpensive NXP ARM Cortex-M0 32-bit microcontroller. The main advantage of this design is that it can be fully configured through a web-based user interface. Firmware and configuration can be downloaded with a standard USB-to-serial converter, no proprietary tools required.

Unable to build one yourself?

Not everyone is able to build circuit boards with tiny SMD components. If this applies to you please contact [email protected], we usually have a few fully built-up units in stock.

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