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alohomora is razorpay's secret distribution system

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Razorpay's Secret Credential management system.


alohomora is distributed via PyPi:

.. code:: shell

pip install razorpay.alohomora


Alohomora is an opinionated project that relies on our conventions to intelligently fetch secrets at run-time.

We don't do our own crypto. We rely on these libraries instead:

This is how the template file looks in our app repository:

.. code::

# {{ alohomora_managed }}
DB_PASSWORD      = {{ lookup('db_password') }}
APP_ENV          = {{ env }}
ENV_DEBUG        = {{ ENV['DEBUG'] }}
APP_NAME         = {{ app }}

This repo runs directly on the same template and generates the equivalent file as the output.

The steps it follows are the following:

  1. Figure out the tables from which to read. All secrets are stored in a credstash-env-app table structure in dynamoDB.
  2. Fetch all secrets from that table using credstash
  3. Render the template with the secrets using jinja

How it Works?

Alohomora expects the secrets for any application to be stored in a table called credstash-{env}-{app}. The IAM roles for this table must be configured by you. Once you try to render a template, alohomora will do the following:

  1. Read the entire table and decrypt all secrets and cache them locally.
  2. Render the template with these files and 3 extra variables: env, app, and ENV variables.

ENV is same as os.environ inside the jinja template.


Alohomora is designed to be a zero-config solution.

We perform a few transforms on the arguments that are passed:

  • Change both app and env to lowercase
  • Replace production with prod in the env name
  • Ignore anything after - in the environment. So beta-birdie becomes beta


Please see the wiki regarding alohomora binary usage.


alohomora is released under the same license as credstash.

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