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Raneto is a free, open, simple Markdown powered knowledge base for Node.js. Find out more →

Important Updates

  • Please ensure you're on Raneto v0.17.1 for the latest security fixes
  • Join the Roadmap Discussion

Demo and Documentation

Visit https://docs.raneto.com to see a demo.


Visit the Example Repo
See the installation guide for more information.


Make sure you edit the default username and password in your config.js file.

##### WARNING #####
// You MUST change the username and password for security
// Do NOT use "admin" as a username as it's easily guessed.
// You are encouraged to use tools to generate a password
// Preferably, use a local password manager
// If you absolutely must use an online tool, here are some suggestions
// https://bitwarden.com/password-generator/
// https://www.grc.com/passwords.htm

Markdown Reference

If you want to embed links and images, you'll need to use the Markdown syntax.
See this Markdown Guide


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