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A demo on how to do a simple tile-based game with React and react-three-fiber

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react-three-fiber Game Demo

Game Demo

This repo shows an example implementation of a top-down 2d game made with React and react-three-fiber.

I used the core functionality to create Colmen's Quest and wanted to give you an idea of how a game can be done with React.

This is by no means the best way to build a game, it's just my way. ?

I suggest you use this code as an inspiration and not as a starting point to build your game on top of it. I also do not intend to maintain this code base in any way.

Get started

You can start the game by yarn && yarn start, then open your Browser.

To get a better understanding of the architecture I used, you may want to read this thread on Twitter.

? Also Florent Lagrede (@flagrede) did an amazing job in writing an in-depth walkthrough about this demo.
Make sure to check it out! ?

I'm happy to answer your specific questions about this demo. Just @coldi me. ?

Known issues

For this demo I used the current version of Colmen's Quest and stripped everything from it except my core "game engine" files. Some code, especially the player movement, might be buggy because there is no turn-based logic anymore.

I don't use a physics engine and the whole collision and movement logic solely relies on tile positions. Therefore you can only move full tiles in this demo.

There are great libraries like use-cannon that enable physics-based collisions with react-three-fiber. Check it out! I would love to hear what you made with it!

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