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qutils is a set of tools I'm developing to help me with Qt mobile development. Right now, it is only for Android notifications.

Android Features

How to Use in Your Project

The best way I know of doing this is to add the following line to your gradle.properties file:


And then in your build.gradle file add this qutilsDir + '/src' to java.srcDirs`:

java.srcDirs = [qt5AndroidDir + '/src', 'src', 'java', qutilsDir + '/src']

I'm not really experienced in Android development, so anyone out there with experience please tell me how to better package the library. :D


qutils have support for Android local push notifications. You can send an instant notification or a scheduled one. Available notification properties are:

  • priority
  • category
  • ledColor
  • ledOnMS
  • ledOffMS
  • title
  • text
  • delay
  • date
  • notificationTag
  • notificationID
  • sound
  • defaults
  • flags
  • visibility

You can send notifications either by creating a Notification object, or just by using Javascript dictionary. NotificationManager handles the notification sending and receiving.

You can check out the qutils_demo app source code or the app on Play Store.

Notification Behavior

When you send an instant notification, only the NonitificationManager that sent the notification will receive notificationReceived signal. But this behavior changes when you send a scheduled notification. Scheduled notifications emit the signals according to the objectName of the NotificationManager that sent it. If a NotificationManager has an empty objectName, then when the app is opened by tapping on the scheduled notification all of the NotificationManager instances are notified about the Notification. But if NotificationManager has an objectName only that NotificationManager will be signaled.



The QMLRefresh is a helper class to reload QML on runtime. To use it, pass the QQmlApplicationEngine pointer and call the reload function when you need. For more information about runtime reloading go here -> http://www.slideshare.net/ICSinc/how-best-to-realize-a-runtime-reload-of-qml

// in main.cpp
QMLRefresh manager(&engine);
engine.rootContext()->setContextProperty("QM", &manager);

Pass the QQuickWindow to QMLRefresh, then use QM.relad() to reload at runtime!

Window {
    id: mainWindow
    Component.onCompleted: {
    MouseArea {
        anchors.fill: parent
        onClicked: {


ScreenHelper is a utility class to help create resolution indepentant UI in QML.

// in main.cpp
ScreenHelper manager;
engine.rootContext()->setContextProperty("SH", &manager);

Then use like so:

Window {
    id: mainWindow
     Rectangle {
        width: SH.dp(50)

Disable Multimedia

If you want to disable multimedia functions, just put the following in your project's pro file.

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