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A tool for quick surveys, try it out. (No longer maintained).

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Quick Survey

Quick Survey is no longer actively maintained. If you want to help keep it running, reach out!

A tool for quickly building and releasing surveys. Open source & quick to host it yourself.


quick-survey quick-survey-results


  • Single install app using Sandstorm.

To deploy

To install on Sandstorm:


What's needed:

  • This tool was built for user experience researchers. So I need user experience testers!
  • Ideas for the tool to do.
  • Angular / Meteor expertise to go over the code
  • Security holes found?

To run locally with Meteor:

  1. Install Meteor curl https://install.meteor.com/ | sh if it's not already installed
  2. Clone repo to a local directory git clone [email protected]:simonv3/quick-survey and change directory cd quick-survey.
  3. You might need to run meteor npm install to get all the npm packages working.
  4. Run the app to see if it all works SANDSTORM=1 meteor. Sandstorm=1 tells the app to pretend it's running inside of Meteor.

If you want to add an administrator, you'll need to use the API made available by meteor-accounts-sandstorm. Then add a user like so:

  id: 1,
  name: "Alice",
  permissions: ['owner']


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