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Create QGIS projects from database schemas or Interlis models

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This is a QGIS plugin to quickly generate QGIS projects from an existing model with a few mouseclicks.

Configuring QGIS layers and forms manually is a tedious and error prone process. This plugin loads database schemas with various meta information to preconfigure the layer tree, widget configuration, relations and more.

Interlis models contain more information than a plain database schema. This plugin uses ili2pg to import an Interlis model into a PostGIS database and uses the additional meta information to configure the user interface even better.

Read the documentation for more information.

Translating the plugin

We love to be multilingual!

Translating the plugin is done on Transifex. If you would like to help translating this plugin into an existing or a new language, please create a Transifex account and request access to the team.

Infos for Devs

The modelbaker library

The whole backend library used by this plugin here can be found here. It's distributed on PYPI as a package as well.

Code style

Is enforced with pre-commit. To use, make:

pip install pre-commit
pre-commit install

And to run it over all the files (with infile changes):

pre-commit run --color=always --all-file

Needed packages from PyPI

Needed packages from PyPI are downloaded and packaged on deployment to the plugin's libs folder.

Run the script to download and unpack them or install them to your system.


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