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a reimplementation of Holistically-Nested Edge Detection in PyTorch

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This is a personal reimplementation of Holistically-Nested Edge Detection [1] using PyTorch. Should you be making use of this work, please cite the paper accordingly. Also, make sure to adhere to the licensing terms of the authors. Should you be making use of this particular implementation, please acknowledge it appropriately [2].


For the original version of this work, please see:
For another reimplementation based on Caffe, please see:


To run it on your own image, use the following command. Please make sure to see their paper / the code for more details.

python --model bsds500 --in ./images/sample.png --out ./out.png

I am afraid that this reimplementation is not entirely true to the original Caffe version, even though it utilizes the official weights. It achieves an ODS=0.774 versus the official ODS=0.780 on the BSDS500 dataset, evaluated using this code. Please feel free to contribute to this repository by submitting issues and pull requests.




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