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Just another repo of Python scripts

  1. remove all .pyc files from a git repo
  2. get all links from a webpage
  3. accessing the Twitter API, example functions
  4. rename group of files, within a single directory, using slice
  5. load JSON, convert to dict, raise error if there is a duplicate key
  6. class used for timing execution of code
  7. benchmark loading of permissions in Django
  8. web crawler for grabbing emails from a website
  9. web crawler for grabbing links from a website
  10. recursively grab files from a directory
  11. recursively grab images from a directory, then optimize them for the web
  12. Splits a CSV file into multiple files based on command line arguments.
  13. random name generator
  14. Convert all html files in a single directory to markdown
  15. Pass in a config file based on your environment.
  16. Render a quick Jinja2 template
  17. Backdating/Rewriting Git history (use at your own risk)
  18. Zip contents of a directory, adding a timestamp to the filename
  19. Convert TSV to CSV
  20. Restore file from Git History
  21. Twitter Bot
  22. Create Git Tag based on a commit
  23. Just a simple app to see if the sessions are working
  24. SQL to CSV.
  25. Given a CSV file with an ip address (see sample - 25_sample_csv.csv), return the geolocation based on the ip.
  26. Scrape the S&P 500 Companies list from Wikipedia, then output the data.
  27. Send SMS message via TextBelt
  28. Income tax calculator via Taxee
  29. Convert JSON to YAML
  30. Call the FullcContact API
  31. Calculate sentiment score from the comments of a Youtube video
  32. Get stock prices
  33. Convert country code to country name
  34. Clone all repositories from a public user or organization on Github. Usage: python users USER_NAME or python orgs ORG_NAME
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