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Python wrapper around the FileMaker Data API


9 months ago

The Server's methods can now take a request_layout argument, where applicable. This layout take precedence over the current Server.layout attribute and is helpful if you want to have a shared Server instance in a multi-threaded app and make sure to have the right layout set before making a request.

Example (using my_custom_layout to get records, even though my_default_layout is set on the Server instance):

>>> print(fms.layout)
>>> fms.get_records(request_layout='my_custom_layout')

Some methods already had a layout parameter. This parameter is still there and works as before but now throws a deprecation warning. Please use response_layout instead of layout from now on. It has the same effect and is easier to distinguish and more clear to understand.


11 months ago
  • Configure proxies for auth requests made to Cognito
  • Configure proxies for FileMaker Cloud Data API

Note: when configuring a proxy and you're not just using it for local debugging (e.g. a local interception proxy), always make sure you trust the proxy server and use a secure connection.

Thanks @TDKorn for the PR!


1 year ago
  • Proxy support
  • Added examples
  • Configurable API versions
  • Support for metadata routes

Thanks to contributor @DonPasquale


2 years ago

Added support for Claris Cloud logins (thanks @marklivolsi)


3 years ago

Added support for automatically trying to get a new token when FMS returns an invalid token error (952) for a request (set auto_relogin on the Server instance to True if you want to use the feature). Disabled by default to keep backward compatibility.


3 years ago

This version adds functionality to access the dataInfo section of a FMS response. You can access it "as is" via the info property of any Foundset instance (includes portal foundsets). (Also see:


3 years ago
  • Fixed installation issue when preferred encoding was not set to utf-8.


4 years ago

Adds support for the script route introduced in FMS18


4 years ago

Pinned Python and dependencies versions.


5 years ago

Prepared release for